Oct 2012

Proud Mama Chick

For the last 2 days, I attended Venture Atlanta. The largest angel & venture capital conference in the Southeast. I am a proud alumni, having been chosen to participate in the Early Stage showcase in 2009 for Nexpense (acquired in 06/2012). Now, I attend to support our StartupChick and ATDC companies. First and foremost, I […]

I had coffee this morning with a very successful entrepreneurial woman to discuss my latest venture StartupChicks (http://www.startupchicks.net). As most of you know, StartupChicks is a networking organization for female entrepreneurs. StartupChicks seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. Our first meeting had @ 50 women attend, whereas I had hoped for […]

In the last month, I have launched two of my initiatives: the relaunch of http://www.buytough.com and Startup Chicks. It’s been a crazy busy month! In addition, I’m on what I’m calling “the startup circuit”. At least 2 nights per week, I’m at some event related to technology and/or startups to pitch Startup Chicks. Here’s the […]