Rise of the Rest Visits Atlanta

Upcoming BIG Event

Steve Case’s “Rise of the Rest” Tour visits Atlanta on 5/7. All day event culminating w/ pitches at Opera between 2-5pm. At least one $100000 check will be written by Steve Case’s Revolution Partners at this event.

It’s a little confusing… because there up to 4 different links to register for various parts of the event.  Here they are:


For companies to apply to pitch at the event: https://www.f6s.com/riseofrest#/apply


To register for Fireside Chat w/ Steve Case (2-3pm):


To register to attend the pitch event (3-5pm):


To register for the happy hour (5-7pm):




Sweating the Small Stuff

I’d like to think that I don’t “sweat the small stuff”. I’m sure everyone does.  But, sometimes something happens to make you realize it’s ALMOST all small stuff.

I’ve been feeling sorry for myself.  I’m still recovering from foot surgery.  I’m still in a “boot”. I still need crutches for “long distances”.  At my “top” speed, I’m still slow.  I get winded walking from the car to the door of the building.  Every other hour, I need to ice my foot or it starts throbbing.  By 5pm, my foot looks like a purple balloon and I need to rest.  I can’t really do my job…. I can’t stand for long periods of time and it’s hard to be out evangelizing all things startup, when you can’t stand at a networking event.

And then, BAM. Something bad happens to someone you love.  And you realize how self-ish and small you have been.  My foot will recover. In a month or so, I’ll be back at full speed.  But, they… they will never recover.

Atlanta StartupWeekend Global Battle 2014

It’s a wrap!

Had an amazing time at Coca-Cola in their very cool Innovation Learning Lab with 100-ish coders, hackers, designers, mentors, volunteers, sponsors and judges!

These types of events wouldn’t be possible without any or each of the above!

Our Sponsors:  Coca-Cola, ATDC, Troutman Sanders, Kabbage and Panasonic.

Our Mentors: Edo Ohayon, Orgesi Pandeli, Kurt Ronn, Kevin Sandlin, Pete Santora, Dustin Tanner, and Vahik Thmassians.

Our Judges:

Our Teams:

Attendalytics – Analytics Platform for Conferences and Tradeshows.

Barcode Roulette – a group-based digital punchcard that gives you a chance to be the one to land the freebie.

Coke Case – Subscription based service that sends you international flavors/brands owned by Coca-Cola.

Digital Sixth – Proximity Tracking Platform for Retail.

GatherCam – Automatically gathers all photos from social networks based on a hashtag. Creating a single place to view all your big event photos.

JobID – Connect w/ local contractors to have them bid on your projects/jobs.

Likely – Recommendation engine using your social media friends and their recommendations.

Quintro – Quick Intro app for sending quick virtual introductions and follow-up messages post meeting.

ShopperRally – Group buying platform for small business

Studygroupz – Platform to help college students form study groups.


1st Place – GatherCam

2nd Place – Quintro

3rd Place – Attendalytics



June Events

I have a strange and awesome job.  I am a coach, a teacher, and an event planner for startups in the great State of Georgia.

I hold office hours 4 days a month in Savannah, 6 days a month in Atlanta. AND this is what my month looks like for June Events….

6/3 – “What is SBIR?” Workshop. 11:30am, Community Room.
6/3 – Product Circle. 3pm, Community Room.
6/3 – ATDC Select / Tech Talent South Meet & Greet.
6/3 – Atlanta Startup Drinks. Cypress Pint & Plate.
6/4 – Creating Corporate Culture Class. 11:30am, Community Room. (Kurt Ronn teaching)
6/4 – Gwinnett Circle. 12noon, The Work Spot.
6/4 – Flashpoint Demo Day. GTRI.
6/5 – StartupGauntlet. 11:30am, Community Room
6/5 – Savannah Circle. 4pm, ThincSavannah.
6/6 – Alpharetta Circle. 8:30am, Roam Alpharetta.
6/9 – Speaker Series: Term Sheets & Raising Money. 11:30am, Community Room.
6/9 – Savannah Customer Discovery Workshop/Gauntlet. 11:30am, ThincSavannah.
6/10 – Customer Discovery Class. 11:30am, Community Room. (Gary Epps teaching)
6/10 – Info Session. 4pm. Community Room.
6/11 – Pitch Practice. 8am. Community Room. (Kevin Sandlin running.)
6/11 – Telling Your Story PART I. The Elevator Pitch 11:30am, Community Room. 
6/12 – StartupGauntlet. 11:30am, Community Room
6/13 – Alpharetta Circle. 8:30am. Roam Alpharetta.
6/16 – Pitch Practice. 11:30am. Community Room. (Kevin Sandlin running.)
6/17 – Meet the Mentors. 6pm. Community Room.
6/18 – Telling Your Story PART II. The Executive Summary. 11:30am, Community Room.
6/18 – Gwinnett Circle. 12noon. The Work Spot.
6/18 – StartupChicks Networking Event. 6pm. StartupDudes Welcome! Location: TBD
6/19 – StartupGauntlet. 11:30am, Community Room
6/19 – Mentor Meeting. 4pm, Community Room
6/19 – Entrepreneur’s Night. 5pm, Community Room
6/20 – Alpharetta Circle. 8:30am. Roam Alpharetta.
6/23 – Pitch Practice. 6:00pm. Community Room. (Kevin Sandlin running.)
6/23 – Atlanta Startup Village? ATV.
6/24 – Customer Discovery Class. 11:30am, Community Room. (Brian Arnberger Teaching.)
6/25 – Telling Your Story PART II. The Pitch.  11:30am, Community Room.  
6/26 – StartupGauntlet. 11:30am, Community Room
6/27 – Alpharetta Circle. 8:30am. Roam Alpharetta.
6/30 – Speaker Series: Gaining Traction in Large Corporations. 11:30am. Community Room.
6/30 – Atlanta Startup Village? ATV.


Top that!

100 Steps from the Handicapped Space to the Door?

I’ve been on crutches for 4 weeks, today.  And it is amazing to me how many companies/buildings make is REALLY difficult for handicapped people to be able to function.

Today, I’m back at ATDC in the Centergy Building.  The Centergy Building is a 10 year old, awarding winning LEED building.  BUT, it sucks for Handicapped.  Here is some of the little details that someone forgot…

1.) Parking Deck.  It’s great that the 5th floor of the parking deck has handicapped buttons to open the doors to the elevators and walkway.  But, did you know it’s still about 100 steps from the closest handicapped spot to the front door of the building?  Also, why does the 4th floor have handicapped spots, but, no handicapped buttons to open the doors.  OH, and the bridge from the garage to the door of the building…. is slightly downhill.  Which means uphill on your way out. Who thought that was a good idea?

2.) Front door of the building. Security must get up from the desk to let you in.

3.) Bathrooms.  There is a handicapped stall in the bathroom, with no sink.  Think about it.  I, now, have to touch my crutches BEFORE I wash my hands.

4.) Let’s talk about the sinks.  The paper towel dispenser is too far from the sinks.  People wash their hands and drip water on the floor to get to the dispenser.  This is very dangerous for a person on crutches… wet tile SUCKS.

5.) Kitchen.  The ATDC Kitchen is a disaster.  It’s Monday lunchtime and already the floor near the sink is sticky.  My crutch got stuck and I was forced to put my bad foot down to avoid a fall.

Most of these are tiny, inexpensive things to fix and/or get right.

Self-Reliance or Loss Thereof

I own 2 homes.  I have a nice car.  I have been saving for retirement since my first job, I have never been without health insurance, even though usually self-employed. I am an excellent cook. I take pride in the fact that I can take care of myself.

I am a self-reliant and independent woman, at times (according to my friends and former boyfriends) too much so.

I am 3 weeks into my recovery from foot surgery.  I have been on “limited activity” for 3 weeks.  My doctor defines limited activity as… my foot is to NOT touch the floor.  My foot is in a black plastic boot to prevent me from accidentally bumping it on something.  I must wear the boot 24 hours a day. I have to sleep on my back with my foot propped and I spend my day in a chair with my foot propped on an ottoman with 2 additional pillows under my foot alternating between ice and no-ice.  I use crutches to hobble from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the living room.  Family and friends have to bring me food to eat, water to drink, ice for my foot, open doors, do my laundry, etc.

The first week is a blur. I was on extreme pain killers.  Since then, it’s been better. The pain is subsiding. I sometime get a sharp stabbing pain deep in the bone. I, often, have a burning sensation from the burns where the boot has rubbed wrong. I’ve weened my self off the pain killers. For the most part, its just uncomfortable 100% of the time.

Today, I got permission to drive! And permission to start putting some pressure on my foot – putting my heel down walking on crutches for 5 minutes every 2 hours. Woot!

I started back at work on January 2nd. Working primarily from home, having made the trek into Savannah for several events.  Savannah is not a very crutch friendly city.

This weekend I head back to Atlanta and I’m currently working on the logistical challenges:

  • How will I get my suitcase out of the car and into my house? Stairs are involved.
  • How will I get groceries?
  • How will I get meals from the kitchen to the table?
  • How will I do laundry?
  • Who will open the door for me?

It is EXTREMELY frustrating for me to NOT be self-sufficient. And I am grateful that this is temporary situation.  It has caused me to think a lot about what it would be like if this was not a temporary situation AND how we treat people with handicaps and disabilities.

On the positive side, I’ve gotten a lot better at asking for help. And hopefully this will make me a better leader in my next Startup!


Good News for ATL Startups

I recently saw a report by CB Insights on Seed VC Funding in 2013.  They define Seed VC Funding as raises under 1.5 million.  Seed VC Funding jumped 173% in 2013 over 2010, which is fabulous.  But, there is even better news for Atlanta.

They had this interesting breakdown showing deal growth by industry type:



Notice anything? The top of the chart, the industries’ whose deal flow is growing, are the types of business that the Atlanta Startup/Tech Community excel at building.

2014 is going to be a great year for Startups in ATL.

Happy Holidays!

Dear Atlanta Startup Community & Global StartupChicks Community,

holidaysI love you all and am wishing all of you a very happy and healthy Holiday Season!

Today is my last day at work for ATDC and StartupChicks in 2013.  I am having minor foot surgery on Monday and will be recovering from now until January 2nd.  I intend to be offline for the most part to rest and recover, so I can come back strong in 2014!

We’ve got lots of exciting things in the works for both organizations in 2014….

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Please consider this your Holiday Card for the year!  ;-)


SWEeT Holiday Bash – Shoutout to our Sponsors!

As most of you know…. I’m one of the conspirators plotting to throw the BEST Holiday Party in ATL this year.holidayparty-sponsors

The event is less than a week away and we are expecting in excess of 500 attendees from the SWEeT Community.

SWEeT = Social + Web + Entrepreneur + Technology.

This event would certainly not be possible without my co-conspirators or our sponsors who help fund this event, so that more of your money as an ticket purchaser goes to the charity we have selected!

So… without further ado.

My Co-Organizers Are:

  • J. Cornelius, AWDG
  • Erin Rosintoski, ATV
  • Trisha Whitlock, Hypepotamus
  • Chris Richards, StartupGrind

If you ever want to make something happen in the Atlanta Tech, Startup, Design or Social space, these are amazing people to have on your team!

Our Sponsors are listed to the right!  Talk about Connected Awesomeness… witnessing it in action!

And lastly, thanks to all who have purchased tickets so far…. You’ll help us send LOTS of sick kids to Disney with Bert’s Big Adventure this winter.

A FEW Tickets are still available for the bash to be held on 12/11 at 6:30pm. I seriously doubt there will be any tickets at the door due to fire code restrictions.  So, get your ticket TODAY.

[button style=”large red rounded” link=”http://www.eventbrite.com/e/sweet-holiday-party-atlanta-tickets-9163820233″ text=”#000″ ]GET YOUR TICKET HERE[/button]